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Testimonials about it-sa Brasil 2015::

Dr. Holger Mühlbauer, TeleTrusT
"We are happy with the partnership we have with it-sa and the extension of it to the NuernbergMesse Brasil. Teletrust has 250 members and offers them information and access to promising markets, like Brazil. The it-sa Brasil Conference is an excellent opportunity to make networking and to get to know the most important decision-makers of the market. I am sure we will support the event nest year, investing even more time and resources.''

Marina Cavallo, Symantec
"We really enjoyed participating in the event. All the people we talked to had the characteristics of the audience that we were looking for. We organized a raffle on our tabletop, and had increased participation. The Coffee Break was great too".

Adam Blackwell, Secretário de Segurança Multidimensional da Organização dos Estados Americanos
"In a general way, it is a good event. The audience is made up of an interesting mix, which provides a multi-sector vision for the debates, We have representatives from the industry, the Governmentm the academy and international lectures, who debate a highly complex scenario".

Harry Halpin, W3C Representative
"it-sa had a very high level compared to other events, with an audience of technical decision-makers. I really enjoyed the panel format and the space dedicated to the topic Open Data, the approach to political issues and laws".

it-sa Brasil

Ideal starting point for professionals of Technology and Information Security meeting.


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